reasons to coach

Tactical Coaching. There are two aspect to the style of coaching that I do.  One focuses on what I call tactical coaching, which is performance related coaching that helps you either solve a problem that you’re stuck in or helps you clarify your goals and motivations to achieve the level of success that you’ve defined for yourself.  For tactical coaching, I use an array of coaching tools and techniques to include: GROW, SCORE, NLP and Clean Language.

Experiential Coaching. The second style of coaching that I do is more transformational and focuses on helping you clarify your core values, gain insights into your true purpose and passion toward living the life you were born to live.  For transformational coaching, I use more experiential coaching techniques to include The Hero’s Journey, Archetypes and other Depth Psychology concepts that help you explore the whole person concept.  We’ll usually start our journey with more advanced NLP techniques. Transformational coaching is for those who are ready to go deep.

My Introductory coaching offer is just a chance for you and I to get to know each better and to see if the coaching chemistry is right between us.  While you don’t need your coach to be your best friend, you do need to have a deep rapport and trust in your coach.  This is a free 15 minute session.

Schedule times are Greenwich Mean Time.